We Offer Two Lines Of Mesh Pool Fencing:


  • Our Premier Line Fence featuring quality Textilene mesh supported by our exclusive, industry leading, Quad Bilt composite support posts.
  • Our Reinforced Aluminum Fence incorporating the same Textilene quality mesh and our exclusive FORTRESS fiberglass-reinforced aluminum fence posts.



    Featuring Textilene quality mesh with Quad Bilt™ 100% composite fiberglass support posts.

    PREMIER LINE FENCE Features: Our Premier Line Fence combines the best mesh and stainless steel components with the strongest support posts available. Our Quad-Bilt™ -All Fiberglass- Composite Super Posts are developed with the latest technology in space age composite engineering.

    Today’s composites have proven to be the highest quality and strongest materials available. They are used in all applications requiring high strength and weather resistance including the boat building industry, bulletproof vests, high quality ax and shovel handles, as well as commercial duty ladders and fifty-foot tall parking lot light posts. Protect-A-Child’s Quad-Bilt™ composite posts are the first composite posts to utilize advanced composite technology to design and engineer a fence post specifically for use as a pool fence support. The propriety construction of these posts has been tested and certified against UV degradation to over 30 years and under pressures exceeding 15,000 lbs. In addition, during construction, during construction, they are wrapped in a special polyester veil that prevents contact with fiberglass rovings. The result is an incredibly strong, shock resistant, weatherproof, support post proven to be superior to aluminum in every category. These are not the cheap, imitation fiberglass posts whose characteristics are often disparaged by competitors.

    Protect-A-Child introduced composite technology to mesh pool fencing in 1991 after significant product testing. Since that time we have sold millions of composite fence posts throughout the world in all climates proving their superiority to aluminum in every category. By more than exceeding our expectations, they have proven worthy of the lifetime warranty we offer against both breakage and bending.


    The Many Advantages of Quad Bilt Composite Posts: